Diddy Reportedly Paid $50K To Secure Hotel Security Footage Showing Cassie Being Brutally Assaulted

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is believed to have paid the InterContinental Hotel $50,000 for newly discovered hallway footage showing him physically abusing his ex-girlfriend, singer Cassie, during a March 2016 argument, according to the latter’s explosive civil lawsuit filed late last year.

The disturbing security footage was made public by CNN on May 17. It depicts 37-year-old Casandra “Cassie” Ventura leaving a hotel room and heading toward an elevator while 54-year-old Combs follows her down the hallway while donning a towel. Combs reaches her, throws her to the ground, and takes her by the neck.

Combs turns to kick Ventura while she lies unmoving, then he takes her handbag and suitcase. Combs proceeds to kick Ventura viciously once again while she lies on the ground, grabbing her by her hoodie and dragging her along the hallway for a short while before releasing her and leaving with her possessions.

Combs catches Ventura near the elevator again a short while later, but before he can do so, he sits down in a nearby chair, takes up something off a table, and tosses it violently at her. When the elevator door opens and someone appears to be getting out, Combs turns back toward Ventura.

Ventura was able to enter the elevator and travel to the lobby, from whence she took a taxi to her flat, according to reports.

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