Diddy Surfaces With A Message For Willie Taylor And Freddy P Over Their Comments

Mr. Combs has come with a message for Day 26’s Willie Taylor and Da Band’s Freddy P that called out the show they once featured in.

Over the past week, Diddy has been feeling the heat all the comments are bringing his way. So far, there has been a good number of accusations pinned on him all throughout his career from his own artists formerly signed to Bad Boy Records. And, recently, his Making The Band takeover which aired in the early 2000s has been making the rounds and catching public attention.

We had formerly reported about how the Day 26 singer Willie Taylor stated that Making The Band ripped him off whilst taking advantage of young talent. Da Band’s Freddy P also later posted an emotional video, in which he had blames Diddy for being the reason why he “hates f*ckin life.”

Diddy was not going to let that slide without his addressing it. “Stop all your crying, b*tching & moaning,” Diddy wrote in a message shared on his Instagram Story. “Hustle Harder or get the f*ck out of our way. -Love.” Diddy is like that father that would rather gaslight his child in place of accepting the wrongdoing and rendering an apology, especially when obviously at fault.

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