Diddy Unable To Use Cassie’s Name During His Apology Owing To Legal Concerns

Disgraced rap mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs, apologized a few days ago after CNN was able to obtain evidence of him attacking Cassie.

In general, the video, which dates back to 2016, shows the music mogul violently abusing the artist while pursuing her. It makes sense that there was a great deal of outrage about the video after that. Fans were somewhat taken aback by the footage they watched as well as startled by what they were witnessing.

In the wake of the disclosure, Diddy apologized to Cassie on his Instagram page. The apologies did not, however, impress the fans. Some even pointed out that the billionaire never once specifically named Cassie. It appears that there was a valid explanation for this. Both Diddy and Cassie signed an NDA when their lawsuit was settled in November, according to TMZ.

In effect, they are forbidden from discussing each other in public. Diddy would have been in serious legal trouble if he had brought her up in the apology. Diddy’s legal staff was heavily involved in supervising his apology, as TMZ reports. In the end, they don’t want him to disclose anything that would breach his nondisclosure agreement.

In addition, he is concerned about other litigation and does not want to put them in jeopardy.

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