Diddy’s “R&B Is Dead” Comments Get A Hilarious Response From Summer Walker

Since saying that R&B is “dead,” Diddy has caused a frenzy on the Internet. The adamant declaration has spawned numerous discussions and thought pieces about the state of Rhythm & Blues today. Diddy’s views weren’t shared by many genre icons, both past and present. Usher and Chris Brown both spoke out against the Bad Boy executive’s remarks, claiming they were incorrect.

Only the R&B men have officially refuted Diddy’s assertions. Summer Walker recently posted a video on TikTok in response to the music mogul’s remarks in which she can be seen lying in bed without her trademark wig or makeup and humorously lamenting that “R&B is dead” as Lori Perri’s “Up Against The Wall” from the Set It Off soundtrack plays in the background.

“Me when Diddy said r&b is dead,” and then added, “This was my 1st reaction lol its okay now we talked about it , I understand his point of view.”

Only a few days have passed since the Still Over It singer’s Instagram Live discussion with Diddy, during which they discussed the rapper’s new R&B label and how music executives murdered the rhythm and blues. Summer discussed her encounters with people who complained that her records were too extensive.

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