Diplo Plays A Free DJ Set At A ‘Random Park’

Diplo decided on Tuesday, February 8th, that instead of waiting for a tour or a scheduled performance, he would rave it out at any random park.

The DJ shared a video to TikTok and Twitter, in which he’s seen spinning records on the turntable, writing, “I popped up at a random park to play new music just for fun.” The clip that lasts a minute afterwards shows his team bringing speakers, generators and all the necessary equipments into Los Angeles’ Elysian Park.

This was before he made his location public to his Instagram followers and hit play on a new song, titled “Don’t Forget My Love,” at his outdoor DJ booth.

By dusk, the park was swarming with fans, who expressed their joys over the DJ’s impromptu performance. “F— what I’m doing, I’m stopping everything and I drove up here,” one fan is seen telling the cameraman.

All through the first set of months of the coronavirus pandemic, Diplo never pumped the brakes on his musical hustle, live-streaming DJ sets from his living room every chance he gets.

“You guys want me to do this every night?” he asked the internet at the end of one of his 95-minute sets. “Like and subscribe, wash your hands and stay 6 feet away from your friends.” he advised.

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