Director Aviva Klein Unveils New Mini-documentary “A Glimpse In The Creative Mind Of Ari Serrano”

Today, NYC-based photographer and director Aviva Klein unveils a new mini-documentary entitled “A Glimpse in the Creative Mind of Ari Serrano. The three-and-a-half-minute video vividly explores Ari Serrano’s inimitable perspective. The Connecticut fashion designer has recently achieved viral impact for a series of striking viral pieces such as his Louis Vuitton Luggage Jacket.

Watch “A Glimpse in the Creative Mind of Ari Serrano” HERE:

“A Glimpse in the Creative Mind of Ari Serrano” will notably be screened at Rogue Studios in New York CIty on November 17th @ 7pm EST. The mini-doc touches on the influences and creative process of the young designer as he navigates the fashion world with an unquenchable passion to create.

I like to touch things that have never been attempted,” Ari states in the documentary. “Whatever I do has to be crazy.”

Ari’s virality has garnered him a total of over 5 million digital impressions on Instagram, and his upcycling of a Louis Vuitton duffle bag into a mind-boggling jacket received acclaim from WorldStar, HighSnobiety, NY Nico, and FashionBombDaily, to name a few. He initially met Aviva Klein over social media. After immediately bonding, they decided to produce this visual project together.

While Aviva remains mostly known for her photography work, she has recently expanded her practice to directing visuals.

That’s what I was put on this earth for. Just walk around, find things, make my own version of what I found, and reinvent it, even if it’s trash,” says Ari.

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