Dispute Erupts Again Between DJ Vlad And NLE Choppa

On Twitter, the debate between NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad has become more heated. Vlad and Choppa got into an argument just over a month ago after the renowned interviewer published a piece on Choppa’s assertions that he could treat Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis. When the rapper requested that Vlad “stop posting me,” Vlad responded by branding Choppa a “snake oil salesman.”

Following a brief exchange that quickly went viral, there was silence between the two. However, this week’s “snake oil salesman” tweet from Vlad and Choppa’s rejoinder raised the stakes significantly. This week, though, things really got heated when Choppa tweeted back in response to Vlad’s latest “snake oil salesman” tweet.

“A snake oil salesman” who claimed he reversed cancer using his $125 bottle of miracle cure just tried to buy a VladTV interview. This is how these guys operate,” wrote Vlad, causing Choppa to reply, saying, “On my momma you lien. Vladimir Putin looking b*tch.”

The rapper was then informed by Vlad that he was not identified in the original piece. Vlad continued to poke fun of Choppa, telling him that he reminded him of NBA YoungBoy. Additionally, Vlad informed Choppa that his platform is available whenever he is “man enough” to conduct a face-to-face interview.

To read the conversation, scroll down and swipe.

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