DJ Chicken Begs For Life After Being Beaten Cruelly

DJ Chicken, a contentious disc jockey, was recently assaulted and recorded on Instagram live by boys who socialite Abu Abel allegedly sent. It all reportedly began when DJ Chicken mentioned Abu Abel during one of his Instagram live sessions. Shortly after, a group of boys who were said to have been sent to him by Abu Abel ambushed the young disc jockey and beat him blue black; the incident was also captured on Instagram Live.

DJ Chicken was seen in the video pleading with the Nigerian socialite as he was being physically assaulted. Several internet users descended on Abu Abel’s page shortly after the videos went viral to express their outrage. The socialite angered several Nigerians, who demanded his arrest. Nevertheless, DJ Chicken has consistently remained at the center of controversy.

A few weeks ago, when DJ Chicken decided to drag some Nigerian musicians, he provoked responses online. First, the DJ claimed that Naira Marley, who he met in the music business, is not as talented as he is in a video that was spotted online. He then turned his attention to Wizkid, saying that although he isn’t nearly as gifted as he is, all he enjoys is the publicity of being referred to as Machala by his fans.

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