DJ Cuppy Discloses The Challenges Of Managing Her Foundation

Nigerian disc jockey and millionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy, has talked about her foundation’s charitable work.

Cuppy, who previously disclosed that DJing is her favorite hobby, discussed the difficulties of managing a foundation in an interview Business Day on Saturday, May 18. She emphasized the value of impact over numbers. DJ Cuppy spoke up about her past blunders during the talk, recalling a time when she first placed more emphasis on quantitative measurements than on the real impact on lives.

She related the touching story of how, while bringing books to kids, she realized they were in serious need of life support. Her viewpoint changed as a result of this insight, favoring true impact over material donations. Remarkably, DJ Cuppy disclosed that her organization now provides services to an astounding 70,000 people, demonstrating her dedication to changing people’s lives for the better.

Driven by her personal encounters and her aspiration to contribute to her community, Cuppy is committed to ensuring that education is within reach for everyone, considering it the means of unleashing potential and bringing about enduring transformation in Nigeria. Her dedication demonstrates how strongly she feels that every child should have the opportunity to develop, learn, and play a part in the future of their country.

The inspiring tale of DJ Cuppy embodies both the responsibility that accompanies affluence and the transformational potential of education.

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