DJ Cuppy & Naomi Campbell Engage In An Epic TikTok Dance Challenge

DJ Cuppy, a socialite and performer from Nigeria, is accustomed to garnering media attention. However, she has recently attracted notice because of a new video she posted on her social media profile featuring her and the well-known British supermodel Naomi Campbell. According to the post she uploaded with the caption, Campbell agreed to participate in a TikTok dance challenge video with Cuppy. The video marked Campbell’s debut as well.

Cuppy did it effortlessly, unlike other celebrities like Kanye West, who had been attempting to work with Campbell on projects for years. The video Cuppy uploaded shows Campbell gracefully dancing next to her to the current Zlatan and Burna Boy song, “Gbeku.”

In more recent Cuppy-related news, Amel Rachedi recently had DJ Cuppy as a guest on his show, “Brunch With Amel.” Ryan Taylor and Cuppy’s engagement, their time together in Dubai, her master’s degree at Oxford University, her love of London, and her reasons for believing Ryan Taylor is the one were all topics of conversation.

She also discussed the separation of Florence from Cuppy, her stage persona, how she and her fiance became engaged after only two days of dating, and what it’s like to be a female DJ in a predominantly male industry.

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