DJ Cuppy Shows Off Her Pink Engagement Ring

In Abu Dhabi last month, 30-year-old Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy and her fiance, Ryan Taylor, got engaged. Using videos and images from the open proposal, Cuppy’s friends were the first to announce the news on Instagram.

A trustworthy source claims that Cuppy and RT have been dating covertly for three years. Cuppy first resisted confirming the news, but she was forced to do so after pleading with her supporters to pardon her for leaving them hanging. In the midst of the drama involving Wizkid and Nigerian rappers on December 3rd, Cuppy took to Instagram to display her pink diamond ring.

Since becoming engaged to Ryan Taylor in November, DJ Cuppy has remained quiet while leading a luxurious life. Over the weekend, the couple went out in style to party hard at a club. Cuppy was joined by Ryan Taylor, her ever-supportive boyfriend, at her club DJ gig. The duo undoubtedly had a great night because they could be seen having a good time and partying on Cuppy’s Instagram story.

Otedola’s daughter was spotted wearing her engagement ring and being fixated on her boyfriend. A few days earlier, Ryan Taylor had posted a romantic selfie of himself and Cuppy. The boxer, who has been having fun in Dubai with Cuppy, posted a lovely selfie with her on his Instagram story.

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