DJ Envy Comes To 50 Cent’s Defense Over Benzino’s Legal Action Threats

DJ Envy is throwing his full support behind 50 Cent.

Recently, 50 triggered off a firestorm after calling out Benzino and Young Buck for their involvement with transgender women. Benzino stepped forward to attempt to debunk the rumors that he was seeing trans actress Shauna Brooks, but it was a little too late, as Fif’s two cents had already gone viral.

Benzino bounced back with threats of legal action, but while out with his wife Gia, Envy was questioned about his pal possibly facing a lawsuit. “I don’t know what he would sue 50 for,” Envy said. “I mean, 50’s my brother and I think everybody knows that, but I don’t know why [Benzino] would sue. What is he suing 50 for?”

“I don’t know what [Benzino’s] love life is or his sex life is, but if it was public, I don’t think you can sue somebody,” stated Envy. “I don’t know, you could sue anybody for anything in today’s age. But I mean, good luck.” The camera-person pinned Envy down, continuing to throw more questions his way about 50 Cent calling people out, particularly Young Buck and the entire LGBTQIA+ community.

They also raised the issue of 50 Cent recently talking about Jay-Z mirroring Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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