DJ Khaled Almost Brought To Tears Following Turbulence During Flight

DJ Khaled’s phobia for flying hits yet again, as his flight experiences some turbulence.

In this world, there are two kinds of people; the undaunted and those with phobia for heights. The world-famous DJ Khaled belongs to the latter, and it was also revealed in a video he has posted last year where he showed how scared heights and flying could get him to be.

The video shows Khaled questioning the pilot about the flight path, as well as potential turbulence. The clip ends with the superstar DJ kneeling on the floor of the jet with his head on a seat in order to avoid looking out of the window.

So it is no surprise that the DJ expressed much fear during his latest flight. In a video uploaded to Instagram, Khaled is seen clutching a pillow for dear life and almost tearing up, like a kid that woke from a nightmare but is trapped all alone in a large room.

He first looked at the clouds through the window and quickly bowed his head, burying his face in a pillow he held onto so tightly. Some fans rallied round Khaled in the comment section, saying they could relate, while some others found it laughable.

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