DJ Khaled Goes On A Shopping Spree For His Wife

Award-winning and versatile DJ Khaled is back with his showy antics. From the looks of it, things must be very significant at home, and he must have an incredibly affectionate relationship with his wife. The music producer on his Instagram page shared a mashup of at least three videos of him at different spots making purchases of varying luxury items. In the first video, he can be seen checking out a couple of expensive bags with animal skin exteriors. He kept two bags together, which he probably bought, as he told the world how much he missed his woman.

He said he had been gone two weeks and hadn’t been away from his “queen” for that long. he kept reassuring his beloved wifey that he was nowhere but on his way back to her. In another video, he is seen holding up an expensive gold bracelet and trying it on, wondering if his wife would love it before concluding she would since it caught his fancy. In the following clip, he looked at a pretty expensive watch he would buy her. The woman standing next to him, probably a vendor, confirmed the quality of the wrist accessory. See for yourself below.

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