DJ Obi Talks Openly About How Heartbreak Inspired Him To Start DJing

DJ Obi, a well-known DJ in Nigeria, has admitted that a breakup inspired his decision to become a DJ. He revealed this in the most recent installment of Culture Custodian’s “Overnight Success” series. He claimed that he was devastated when he learned that a woman he was dating at the university was seeing another man.

He said that he learned how to DJ and performed at her sister’s birthday party as payback for her. Despite having a strong passion for music, DJ Obi claimed that heartbreak only strengthened it.

“I started DJing in 2005 when I was in Uni. A lot of people think it was for my passion for music. Na breakfast [heartbreak] make me start dey DJ bruh. If I should give you the complete honest truth…The love of music was already there, the breakfast brought out the love of music,” said Obi.

Obi has been popular since his debut as a DJ in 2016. Obi, who spun music for ten straight days, broke the record for the most extended DJ set. His profile soared, doing precisely what he set out to do with the trick, and the Nigerian spinner has only gone uphill since. Additionally, he started a small project for the fans he called “Obi’s House.”

With the help of Hard Rock Cafe Lagos, he created Obi’s House, which draws over 2,000 music fans every Monday night and has since become a staple of Lagos’ nightlife. What began as a method for Obi to interact with his online fans during the pandemic has since developed into a local culture movement for young people and industry professionals in the entertainment industry.

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