Doja Cat Briefly Halts Her Lollapalooza Argentina Performance To Help Distressed Fan

Doja Cat shows her empathic side, taking a cue from Billie Eilish.

Multi-talented entertainer, Doja Cat, brought her show to a standstill and took quite some minutes to help a distressed fan during her set at Lollapalooza Argentina on Saturday night. After having confirmed their well-being, Doja briefly spoke on why safety is and should be paramount at concerts.

“I love you guys, I really do,” she told the crowd after she had stopped her performance of “Options”. “But we can’t have that happening, but I’m not just gonna… as long as somebody’s going out there. You guys, over there in that circle that just signaled to me, when everything’s OK, you just go like this. Just do that. Just wait. If it’s not OK, don’t do anything, but once it’s OK, just do something with your hands like this.”

Her performance was halted for about 5 minutes, tops.

“I wanna ask you guys a question,” Doja continued. “Does it matter that everybody here gets home safe? Make noise if everybody who needs to get home safe gets home safe. Then you’re on my side, right? That’s all that matters.”

“This stuff happens. It’s a lot of people and people get crushed,” Doja said. Check out a clip of how it went down below:

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