Doja Cat: My Next Album Will Be A Rap Album

R&B star Doja Cat has announced that her next album will be a Rap album. In the wake of the cancellation of her scheduled tour with The Weeknd due to her tonsil surgery, it appears the R&B queen will have more time to work on new songs in her forthcoming album, which she has now said will be primarily a rap album. She made the revelation in the June/July 2022 issue of ELLE.

Doja Cat had announced before dropping out of the tour that she had had little time to work on her album due to her tours and travelling schedules. However, she had also revealed that she was sampling beats from friends and producers and was excited about the upcoming project.

Although she has released chiefly R&B and Hip-Hop projects and songs, Doja cat has claimed that her fans know that she is a rapper at heart and was raised on artists like Busta Rhymes and Lauryn Hill. She explained further that she was a rapper before she ventured into other genres, that she is better at rapping than at singing, and that she is most natural when rapping.

Commenting on the popular definitions of who counts as a  rapper, Doja Cat stated that she is unbothered about comments from anyone who refuses to see her as one. This would not be the first time Doja has spoken about wanting to record a rap album. Back in December, she shared plans for a 12-song hip-hop album, produced by 9th Wonder and Jay Versace. she has now furthered on her dreams by putting in the work and producing what would redefine the sound and identity of Doja Cat.

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