Don Jazzy Cautions Upcoming Musicians About “Streaming Farms”

Heavyweight Nigerian record producer Don Jazzy recently used the media to address the issue of streaming farms in the country’s music industry. The topic of streaming farms has recently caused considerable controversy in the Nigerian entertainment industry, with competitors accusing one another of utilizing the sophisticated technology, particularly when one of their songs dominates the conversation.

Don Jazzy has at last revealed the truth through his most recent podcast, which is available on Apple Music. The Mavin Records CEO informed up-and-coming musicians that streaming farms are a hoax because they don’t truly exist in Nigeria. He also emphasized how pricey such technology is and how no one in the nation could now afford it. Also, Don Jazzy informed his fans of the reality regarding the quantity of streams for Nigerian music.

One of the most well-known song producers in the Nigerian entertainment sector, Don Jazzy, has some encouraging words for up-and-coming musicians. He advised them to disregard rumors about “streaming farms” and to rest easy knowing that organizations that offer music streaming maintain logs of every streaming activity.

He gave them more motivation by pointing out that streaming services also assist upcoming artists and that there are other avenues for promoting their music besides streaming. His advice to up-and-coming musicians was to remember that their music is their own and that their value is not only determined by the quantity of streams they receive.

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