Don Jazzy “Narrowly Escapes” Oncoming Vehicle In New York City While Promoting New Song

Nigerian music executive Don Jazzy is now on vacation in the United States after a fascinating first quarter of 2023 with Mavins, his signees, and the launch of his Jazzy’s Burger business. First, however, the eccentric music mogul found a way to showcase his vocal prowess while promoting Johnny Drille, one of his signees’ new songs, Believe Me, as he took a stroll in New York City. Don Jazzy shared a smiling video of himself singing the new song as he moved through the streets of New York.

Don Jazzy &Quot;Narrowly Escapes&Quot; Oncoming Vehicle In New York City While Promoting New Song, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Unfortunately, the music executive almost “got rammed” by a moving vehicle while attempting to cross the road during his entertaining performance. However, he managed to avoid the approaching car just in time and quickly walked across to the other side of the path. After reaching the opposite side without incident, he jokingly remarked that he wasn’t interested in getting into an accident and thanked God for His protection.

Don Jazzy carried out his advertising duties despite the heart-pounding incident. He instructed his followers to please stream Johnny Drille’s most recent track as he concluded his online session. The performative journey of Don Jazzy’s video went viral, increasing streams and raising awareness for the song.

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