Don Jazzy Opens Up About Unreleased Tracks With Wizkid

Don Jazzy, also known as Michael Collins Ajereh has revealed that he collaborated with Wizkid on two unreleased compositions. The revelation was made during a Wednesday “Ask Me Anything” session on his Instagram page.

A curious fan asked Don Jazzy, “When will you collaborate with Wizkid on a song? What causes the Grammy Award song’s delay? The music producer replied that they had recorded two songs together, but decided not to release them. “I believe we recorded two songs in the past, but we never released them. I believe it was inadequate. There are occasions when you perform certain songs and the audience is not experiencing it.”

Don Jazzy reminded fans that the two performers had previously worked together on Dr. Sid’s “Surulere” Remix. He did not, however, rule out the possibility of future collaborations.

The music industry is notoriously unpredictable, with artists frequently recording multiple songs that are never released to the public. The decision to release a song is influenced by a number of factors, including the song’s quality, its potential commercial success, and whether or not it suits the artist’s current image or direction.

Don Jazzy and Wizkid may have felt that their unreleased songs did not satisfy the high standards they set for themselves. Fans can, however, maintain the expectation that the two will collaborate again in the future to create music that will be shared globally.

As both artists continue to leave their mark on the Nigerian and international music scenes, a new collaboration is possible. Fans will have to wait and see if Don Jazzy and Wizkid revisit their unreleased tracks or start from zero to create new and exciting music.

Don Jazzy and Wizkid continue to have prosperous careers in the music industry. With numerous awards and honors to their credit, they have unquestionably made their mark on the global stage. Time will tell if these two powerhouse artists will collaborate again and potentially produce the “Grammy Award song” that fans anxiously await.

As the musical landscape continues to evolve and transform, it is evident that the creative process can be a lengthy and intricate voyage. With Don Jazzy’s recent revelation about unreleased tracks, fans have gained a unique glimpse into the world behind their beloved artists, and perhaps a deeper appreciation for the music that makes it onto their playlists.

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