Don Jazzy Refuses To Allow DJ Chicken Entry To The Mavin Headquarters

Nigerian street performer and disc jockey DJ Chicken paid a visit to the Mavin music label’s corporate office in Lekki, Lagos state. Yet he had a pretty horrible experience as a result of this visit. DJ Chicken described the event in a video that was broadcast online, saying that Don Jazzy refused to let him inside the building when he arrived with his friends, an act of neglect that greatly incensed him.

DJ Chicken can be seen in the video clutching a bottle of wine while playfully threatening the consequences of being refused entry. Chicken and his buddies were forced to leave the area after creating a disturbance outside the gate for a while without the security personnel responding, even after calling out one of the names of the Mavin signees, Rema.

DJ Chicken paid an impromptu visit to the Mavin headquarters two weeks after mocking fellow performer and street-hop singer Portable. Chicken came after Portable, claiming to be richer than the singer, after Portable had bought a new vehicle for himself a few weeks earlier. Additionally, the DJ stated he could feed Portable’s family to the tenth generation while accusing the musician of leading a false life. Funnily enough, both entertainers were known besties before they fell out with each other.

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