Donald Glover Is Considering Returning To Stand-Up Comedy Someday

Donald Glover has contemplated returning to stand-up comedy, despite recently passing up an opportunity to perform on stage in Los Angeles.

The actor and musician revealed that he occasionally still jots down quips in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, in promotion of his new program, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, starring Maya Erskine. The musician better known by his stage name, Childish Gambino, also disclosed that Chris Rock inspired him to think about going back to comedy.

During the conversation, he provided a type of update on the new songs by Childish Gambino. When the Atlanta showrunner claimed he was “insulted” by comparisons to Lil Dicky’s popular show Dave, it garnered media attention earlier this month.

Childish Gambino has previously disclosed that he had a change of heart about marriage and secretly got married to Michelle White, his longtime girlfriend. Although getting married wasn’t originally in the cards, Donald Glover openly admitted that he has come to accept the idea of a lifetime of love together.

Following their sightings together while on vacation in Hawaii in January 2016, Glover and White’s romance was first made public. The pair welcomed three sons into their family since then.

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