Doyin Vs Whitemoney: Controversial Moment On Nedu’s Podcast Causes Clash Of Words Between Ex-Housemates

Nedu’s Podcast has generated a lot of controversies lately. This time, it led to a social media spat between ex-Big Brother Naija contestants Whitemoney and Doyin, and things got interesting.

Whitemoney had seemingly made belittling comments about Doyin on Nedu’s Podcast by mentioning how he assisted her and how she called him out on a post he made regarding women and money. In addition, Whitemoney also dragged Doyin over her comment on his view about how women will follow any man with money while appearing on media personality Nedu’s Podcast.

Doyin Vs Whitemoney: Controversial Moment On Nedu'S Podcast Causes Clash Of Words Between Ex-Housemates, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

The BBNaija winner discussed how he helped Doyin on the Podcast, referring to her as a little girl and questioning if she was crazy to address him. In response, Doyin referred to her colleague as a “bleached man” and said that “the assistance” was him reaching out to her to let her know that his management wanted to manage her.

On her part, Doyin criticized her colleague in a post on her Instagram account, saying he had exposed his lunacy to the world on the Podcast, and after dishing Whitemoney a dose of her feminine wrath of words, Doyin, an ex-housemate from Big Brother Naija, received support from Netizens, primarily females who stood in solidarity.

However, Doyin brazenly tagged the singer and emphasized that she wasn’t angry because she wasn’t the one screaming hysterically on a podcast. The BBNaija star added that Whitemoney doesn’t matter in the broader picture and that calling her tiny doesn’t make him considerable.

Whitemoney’s viral video retook a different turn as famous Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama decided to respond to him too for using such degrading words on women as the reality personality had claimed in a popular video that no lady was out of their league as long as guys had money. Inyama responded on a blog that Whitemoney is expressing his contempt for other women because of the type of lady who raised him, thereby making a slight shade at Whitemoney’s mother.

Whitemoney, the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye winner, sought peace immediately and tried to put things in perspective. He has since apologized on social media for the controversy he caused with his younger colleague Doyin and actress Victoria Inyama regarding women.

Doyin Vs Whitemoney: Controversial Moment On Nedu'S Podcast Causes Clash Of Words Between Ex-Housemates, Yours Truly, News, May 23, 2024

In the recent development, Whitemoney apologized to Doyin, Victoria Inyama, and all other women he remarks on his page had hurt. The reality star claims that his initial video was intended to inspire the guys and never intended to sound disrespectful. However, he added that he needed to have been more specific and said “some women” instead of “all women.”

Whitemoney said that he had already apologized to Inyama, and she had reciprocated for making fun of his mother. The Shine Ya Eye winner responded to the criticism Doyin received in Nedu’s Podcast. He asserts that he is certain Doyin did not view the entire thing, which was over an hour long, but rather only the online video clips that became popular, and even if she did, he was genuinely sorry if she and other women were offended by his remarks. He claimed that he would never belittle them because women had raised him right and played a significant role in shaping his career.

In his words:

“I will never slander women, I will never talk bad against women, women raised me, I love women, my team is filled with women, and I don’t have anything against women. Women have been a major part of my career and I appreciate every single woman in my life that I’ve come across and yet to come across. So I’m sorry to all the woman who feel insulted, I didn’t mean to insult anybody intentionally, I’m not above mistakes, I’m not perfect, thank you very much, let love lead.”

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