Dr. Dre’s Attorney Clears The Air On The Chronic’s Ownership, Amid Snoop Dogg’s Comments

Dr. Dre’s attorney, Howard King, released a statement that claims his client is still the owner of The Chronic, after Snoop Dogg had made a comment saying that he owns Dre’s debút album.

Snoop, earlier this week, said that his acquisition of Death Row Records automatically put him in ownership of The Chronic. “There are false reports out regarding ownership by Death Row of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic,” Howard King reportedly revealed to Complex in a statement. “Dr. Dre owns 100 percent of The Chronic.”

As you can recall, the Doggfather made the announcement of acquiring the record label in February, only a few days before his appearance at Super Bowl Halftime Show. Having a word with Tidal’s Elliott Wilson on Friday, Snoop said that he now owns a bunch of records including The Chronic.

“As far as 2Pac’s masters, 2Pac’s masters came back to him last year. But I got a great relationship with his estate, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to be able to work something out … to continue some Death Row 2Pac business now that Snoop Dogg is in control of Death Row,” he said. “Same with Dr. Dre and The Chronic. I got The Chronic album. I got Doggystyle, Tha Doggfather, Murder Was the Case, Dogg Food, Above the Rim. I got all those records.”

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