Drake Ends A Video Call With Famed YouTuber Following “Sexy” Compliment

On Wednesday, Drake abruptly ended a video chat with the contentious YouTuber iShowSpeed after the host complimented his deep, rumbling voice, which Drake felt was inappropriate. Drake, 36, decided to join the 18-year-old YouTuber, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., for a video call after he had been attempting to get Drake on for some time.

Drake recently stopped by Barstool Sports with his son Adonis in tow. According to the viewership statistics included with the video, the high-profile call brought iShowSpeed more than 50,000 views. At first, it seemed as though the two were getting along well and sharing a fondness for Cristiano Ronaldo. Drake suddenly ended the call and appeared to disapprove as iShowSpeed remarked that his “voice is so sexy.”

This sent the host into a rampage. The brief clip, which lasted only about two and a half minutes, showed Drake appearing to be in the passenger seat of a car that was coming to an end of a drive. He was then seen getting out and going into a building that he identified as his office. Drake was left speechless by iShowSpeed’s compliments after he gushed about how he “looked good” right away. Drake laughed without answering. He was initially a cordial guest, nevertheless, and expressed pride in the streamer for his accomplishments.

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