Drake Faces Criticism For His Abs After Posting Thirst Trap

The internet is going crazy with Drake’s abs. Late on Tuesday, Champagne Papi shared a shirtless picture of himself with a towel over his lower waist to show off his impressive abs on his Instagram Story. Unfortunately, his thirst trap included the following caption: “5 min cold plunge for the soul.” Not everyone, though, was thirsty.

Due to the lack of muscular definition in his arms, some admirers questioned the genuineness of his abdominal muscles and suggested they were surgically altered. The internet couldn’t help but share its opinions on Drake’s physique. Some people called them “tummy tuck abs,” while others remarked they appeared to have been “spray painted on.” Others charged that he had purchased “fake abs.”

Drake Faces Criticism For His Abs After Posting Thirst Trap, Yours Truly, News, March 3, 2024

Drake has previously been accused of having his body altered surgically. Similar accusations were leveled against him in 2019 after he published a picture of his six-pack while on vacation. His friend DJ Carnage made the facetious charge that he underwent “fake ab surgery in Colombia.”

On his 2016 diss hit “Afraid,” Joe Budden also criticized Drake’s physique. Before touring this summer with 21 Savage, Drake is getting in shape. The “It’s All a Blur” tour, his first in five years, starts on June 16 in New Orleans. Drake still rules the charts, fake abs or not. On the Billboard Hot 100, his most recent song, “Search & Rescue,” debuted at No. 2.

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