Drake Has Wagered Over $1B In Virtual Gambling Since Joining In December

Drake definitely has eyes on the bag, as his gambling investment pays off huge!

Drizzy has always had a thing for gambling, whether it is betting on sports, hitting the blackjack or roulette tables, he has not been one to shy away throwing down the big bucks. Since COVID-19 restrictions took a toll on Toronto casinos, the 6 god has found virtual gambling from the comfort of his home to be a very worthy investment.

He has taken to Instagram to post a number of clips and pictures of him winning anywhere from $354,000 up to a whopping $7 million on just one single roulette wheel spin! Just insane!

OurGenerationMusic has a post that reports that Drizzy plays through online gambling company Stakes, and that his account that goes by the name “DeepPockets6” has wagered over a billion dollars since he joined the website in December, last year.

Drake even brought the roulette table with him to the courtside to spin the wheel while simultaneously watching Toronto Raptors games at Scotiabank Arena.

“Had a extra seat for my laptop… may as well,” he joked.

The rapper’s investments and other projects outside of his music are in a serious competition with his gambling. Drake also doubles as an executive producer on the hit show, Euphoria.

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