Drake Loses Over $500,000 Bet On Tyson Fury

Once more, the “Drake Curse” has struck. Drake’s streak of bad luck seems to continue, with fans jokingly attributing his losses to the infamous “Drake Curse.” The last few weeks haven’t been easy for him. His well-publicized dispute with Kendrick Lamar is the primary cause. It’s widely accepted that Drake lost this significant hip-hop battle.  According to reports, Drake bet with Stake for Fury to win the highly publicized fight. Still, after Oleksandr Usyk upset Tyson Fury in a significant boxing battle last night, Drake’s losses are mounting. He lost $565,000.  Despite his setbacks, Drake remains a prominent figure in the music industry and continues to release successful albums.

The bout between these two elite athletes was noteworthy, even for those who aren’t into the sport. According to Sports Illustrated, Usyk became the first undisputed heavyweight champion in boxing since Lennox Lewis did it in 2000. The 223-pound Ukrainian had a 21-0 record with 14 knockout victories. However, Fury weighed 262 pounds and had a 34-1-0 unblemished record with 24 knockouts. Many went into the battle believing Fury to be the favourite because of his remarkable quickness and footwork in the ring. Both fighters showed noteworthy talent and tenacity throughout the bout, even though Usyk prevailed.

In the early going, Fury appeared to be in control, according to Uproxx. But in the ninth round, things swiftly started going Usyk’s way. Usyk’s solid and accurate left hook was decisive in his split decision triumph. With his current winning streak, Usyk is the undisputed WBC, WBO, WBA, IBF, and IBO champion. While Fury suffers a massive blow with this loss, we can only speculate about Drake’s feelings following another loss in May that saw him go to 0-2. Due to this victory, Usyk remains among the best competitors in the heavyweight class. To get over this loss, Fury must gather his thoughts and plan his next battle.

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