Drake’s “Exes” Unite In Funny SNL Skit

There are countless anecdotes about ex-partners, previous relationships, and past loves in Drake’s discography. You can be sure that Drake has written a song about them or even used a vocal sample of theirs on an album interlude, whether the love came about through a long-term relationship or a brief chance encounter.

You might be entitled to money if you ever dated Drake, ran into him at a party, conversed with him on Instagram, or even just made flirtatious eye contact with him at a restaurant. The women he has written about in his successful songs demand payment from the Toronto rapper in a funny spoof from the Saturday Night Live show of December 3.

In the comedy “The United Tingz Of Aubrey,” which Keke Palmer presented on last night’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live, Drake’s previous lovers joined forces.

The character played by Chloe Fineman on Saturday Night Live speaks for hundreds of women when she says, “For too long, we have witnessed Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham write hit after hit about women who have wronged him.”

SNL host Keke Palmer, who joins in after her, says the women have formally organized as a union named “United Tingz Of Aubrey,” in an effort to stand up and fight for their rights!

Ego Nwodim portrays Courtney, a woman who left Drake a voicemail regarding a car payment and turned up as an interlude on the rapper’s album. Courtney is part of the angry group. In a later statement, Palmer describes how Drizzy’s “In My Feelings,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 10 weeks in 2018, ruined her life.

Check out the clip below.

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