Dre’es Announces New EP, Drops New Song & Video

Following the release of come back single “Pure Sugar”, today, singer-songwriter, producer and artist Dre’es returns with the news of his heavily-anticipated EP Your Summer With MeThe EP slated for release on September 23rd via Running Forever finds Dre’es exploring his newfound sound and represents his perspective on music, the world, relationships, and life as he seeks out answers.

In celebration of the news, Dre’es shares his new single and visual “Rushing” produced by collaborators and friends GoldwashPONTIAC, and Ocean Rogue. The emotive lyric visualizer directed by Luis Vidal finds Dre’es submerged in pure emotions and vulnerability as he moves through life. ”Rushing” serves as a continuation of self-expression and the beauty of finding oneself through self-discovery, adventures, and relationships; seeking explorative thrills while living in the moment.

Speaking on the single, Dre’es shares, “Rushing is the exhilarating feeling of the moment. Tapping into the emotions that come with it. Windows rolled down, speeding in a friend’s car after the sunset. This is the song that made me realize how I’ve grown, but is also me recognizing that I am young as shit.”

Dre’es continues to explore his artistry while creating an intentional space by building a supportive foundation with friends on his musical journey. The Los Angeles-based artist shows growth with each release by creating timeless music and visuals. With sonic references of feeling and desperationYour Summer With Me draws melodic inspiration from Daft PunkDon Toliver, European modern House Music along the veins of Agar Agar and The BlazeMydSébastien TellierPARTYNEXTDOOR, and Yung Lean. Born from a period of self-isolation, where Dre’es focused on his sound and learned from the relationships around him, led to his growth and solidified his love for those in his life, and reinvigorated his self-confidence. A confidence that is on full display throughout the upcoming EP as he bares his soul.

Dre'Es Announces New Ep, Drops New Song &Amp; Video, Yours Truly, News, April 13, 2024

Dre’es adds, “Your Summer With Me was the process of finding what it means to be me in every way. Sonically, visually and most important, internally. On the surface level, lyrically, I’m processing confusion due to the circumstance of me and a former lover, but after making it and listening to it, I can hear myself attempting to navigate through the confusion in every part of my life. Your Summer With Me isn’t perfect but it’s real. It’s my inner dialogue and emotions projected into song. With the help of executive producer PONTIAC, we created 6 songs that swing between a silent, hollow void and an intense, chaotic, destructive storm.” 

Watch/stream “Rushing” below and stay tuned for his upcoming project Your Summer With Me.



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