Dremo Shows Off Unexpected 500K Cash Gift From Sugar Mummy

Aboriomoh Femi Raymond, better known by his stage name Dremo, is a Nigerian rapper who recently made headlines by confessing his relationship with a sugar momma. She sent him money without his asking, and the former DMW signee gushed over her on his social media page. “My sugar mummy sent money for no reason,” Dremo captioned a screenshot of the N500,000 alert he received out of the blue.

Dremo Shows Off Unexpected 500K Cash Gift From Sugar Mummy, Yours Truly, News, May 19, 2024

Even though this declaration came as a surprise, it is part of a bigger pattern among Nigerian celebrities, who are increasingly accepting the idea of having a “sponsors” to boost their earnings. A wealthy older lady known as a “sugar mummy” supports a younger lover financially in return for companionship, sexual favors, invitations to exclusive events, and other nice perks.

Celebrities from Nigeria frequently need additional cash to support their lifestyles, hence it is not uncommon for them to participate in such arrangements. Dremo’s announcement has generated a lot of discussion in Nigeria, with some admiring him for his courage in doing so and others denouncing him for endorsing a generally disapproved, exploitative practice.

Dremo is not the first famous person to have a relationship like this, though. Similar agreements with wealthy benefactors have reportedly been made with other other Nigerian celebrities, including actors and musicians. Naturally, most stars are being hush about theirs.

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