Drillmatic – Nipsey’s Brother Made The Game Remove Wack100 Vocals

Nipsey Hussle might be dead, but his legacy is very much alive. And his brother is determined to protect that legacy, whatever it takes.

This much played out recently when Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam made The Game to remove Wack100 vocals from his project.

Blacc Sam is unimpressed with what Wack100 has been saying about his slain brother. So he would rather his brother and someone so profoundly connected to him are not on the same song in any project. His opposition led to the nixing of Wack100 from The Game’s “Drillmatic” album.

Nipsey Hussle and The Game had a pretty close relationship until the former died in 2019. Hussle had reportedly been shot multiple times by Eric Holder, leading to a severed spine, punctured lungs, and pierced liver. He didn’t survive it.

Nipsey Hussle’s death reverberated around the world. To this day, many of his fans are yet to recover from the shock of his passing.

Wherever he is right now – and assuming he could observe the world from there – he would undoubtedly be impressed with the knowledge that he’s still alive in the hearts of many around the world and that he has a brother who’s still looking out for his legacy.

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