Driver Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Accidentally Killing Nicki Minaj’s Father

Robert Minaj’s father was struck and slain by Charles Polevich in February 2021; he was found guilty of hit-and-run driving and given a year in prison. A TMZ story states that Polevich will have to pay a $5,000 fine in addition to having his driver’s license banned for six months.

The driver had already turned himself in and admitted to tampering with evidence and fleeing the scene of the tragic collision. Carol Maraj, the widow of Robert Maraj, vehemently disagreed with Judge Howard Sturim’s decision to sentence Polevich to little more than a year in prison. Additionally, Judge Sturim oversaw the sentencing on Wednesday.

According to a spokesman of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Agency, the office disagrees with Judge Sturim’s choice to reduce Polevich’s sentence to just one year due to the “severity of the defendant’s conduct.” Robert Maraj, who was 64 years old when he tragically passed away, was struck by Polevich while he was crossing the street. Initially running away, the driver allegedly made an effort to disguise his vehicle to avoid being recognized.

On Robert Maraj’s birthday in May of last year, Nicki Minaj shared a heartfelt Instagram message in memory of him. We are pleased to see that Nicki is still displaying strength and vision in her life and profession despite the devastating loss she suffered over a year ago.

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