Due To His Drama With DaniLeigh, Former DaBaby Artist KayyKilo Received Major Criticism

DaBaby has been somewhat quiet lately, and his supporters think this is healthy for him. Whether it be because of a shooting incident with an intruder at his home or relationship problems, the rapper always appears to be involved in some sort of scandal.

DaBaby has been staying out of problems, but earlier today, his former artist, KayyKilo, airing her complaints, he was thrust into scandal. The issue involving DaBaby and DaniLeigh last year allegedly occurred around the same time as KayyKilo’s mixtape, Cutthroat Love Letter.

It appears that the commotion surrounding their lovers’ argument prevented KayyKilo from being released. “People bash me when they think I’m in his crib when he gettin’ into it with DaniLiegh,” she said. “I’m in my own house, you know what I’m sayin’? So, at twelve o’clock when that happened, my whole tape was overshadowed, everything was—I couldn’t even really promote it because everybody’s bashing me from that.”

According to KayyKilo, DaBaby informed her that he was too preoccupied with DaniLeigh at the time to be able to promote her album. “You knew that your artist was dropping at twelve that night,” said KayyKilo. Check out the post from the rapper below.

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