Due To The Fact That He Is “Cut From A Way Different Cloth,” Usher Dismisses Any “Verzuz”

Fans of Usher will revolt if he doesn’t appear on Verzuz soon. The ardent fans of the renowned R&B artist have been pleading for him to appear on the popular social media series, but his opposition has caused discussion. Chris Brown, who has still yet to perform on the Verzuz stage, has been mentioned a lot as a fierce rival, but according to a recent interview, Usher isn’t especially interested in taking the stage.

Usher spoke with the PEOPLE Everyday podcast while his lengthy residency in Las Vegas was still illuminating Sin City, and he discussed the persistent pressure to appear on Verzuz. It appears that Usher’s performance on the platform may disappoint fans.

“I think if you ever came to my show, you would understand that I don’t even think a Verzuz could handle all of the songs that I have to be honest,” said Usher. Even the idea of a Verzuz one-man performance was considered. “It’s like, I could do it by myself, but I don’t wanna do that. That’s not the purpose of Verzuz, me versus me.”

“I’m a different animal, man. I’m cut from a way different cloth man. And when you put those songs on, I’m telling you, I don’t think anybody in the world would want smoke with them songs.”

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