During A Hot 97 Freestyle, Symba Lyrically Criticizes Funk Flex For Disrespecting Tupac

Hip-hop has praised Tupac’s abilities and masterpieces for decades, and people who knew him, loved him, and still play his music take note of anniversaries like these. The West Coast rapper Symba has a strong admiration for Pac, and he made it clear when he recently paid a visit to Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show. When Symba’s turn came, it was immediately clear that he didn’t get along with the well-known radio personality.

Symba praised Flex and gave him flowers when the section first started, but as soon as the production of Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” started and the bars started to flow, the rapper turned his attention to Flex. Symba remarked, “I’ve been waiting to come up here for a long time.”

“Flex, it’s an honor to meet you, but let’s be clear / I’ve done had a bone to pick with yo ass for four years / You’ve been a big part of this culture my whole life / So what I’m ’bout to say almost don’t feel right / You say some wild sh*t, most times you actually right / But all that disrespecting Tupac sh*t stops tonight.”

The freestyle was abruptly stopped by Flex, who said that he wouldn’t say anything more about Pac and appeared surprised. The statement made by Symba was in reference to a video in which a tearful Flex yelled into the camera that Biggie wouldn’t have died if Tupac hadn’t lied.

Check out the interaction in detail right below.

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