During The XXL Freshman Freestyle, SoFaygo Demonstrates His Mastery Of Melody

Recently, SoFaygo has established a solid reputation for himself. To keep fans entertained before Pink Heartz, his debut album, is out, the musician keeps releasing EPs and shorter ventures. Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this new project, which is scheduled for later in 2022.

Particularly since joining Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack brand, the musician has generated a ton of attention. He’s getting more respect in the industry, and it just so goes that he made the 2022 XXL Freshman List. His freestyle was dropped by XXL today, which is usually a tremendous accolade for up-and-coming artists.

As shown in the video down below, SoFaygo made the decision to make his flow more melodic as he repeated the words word-for-word, as if he could already hear the rhythm that was supposed to be playing underneath.

These freestyles may come off as uncomfortable because there is no production and the lines have already been used in another song. SoFaygo managed to keep his voice in check and keep things flowing in spite of this. The artist is without a doubt quite talented, and it will be intriguing to watch how he grows over the coming months. We are undoubtedly in for a treat with Pink Heartz coming up.

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