E-40 Is Convinced Busta Rhymes Would Dust Eminem In A “Verzuz”

Two celebrated hip-hop icons, Eminem and Busta Rhymes have been in the media spotlight over a Verzuz that may or may not happen.

A while back, Dr. Dre, super proud of Slim Shady, his protege, sparked fire in the hip-hop/rap community by bringing Em forth and asking if anyone would have the balls to take on the rap god in a Verzuz battle.

Swizz Beatz caught the fire and name-dropped Busta Rhymes, very sure that he would be up to the task. And that ensued the comparisons that spread like wildfire, with almost every conversation amongst hip-hop heads centering on that.

Like that wasn’t enough heat being stirred, OG rapper and producer, E-40 while stopping by The Jalen and Jacoby podcast, had his own contribution to make along the lines of the heated up Verzuz conversations already making the rounds.

The Bay Area legend stood behind the idea that Busta was going to bury Em alive in a Verzuz any day!

“Busta Rhymes would eat Eminem in a Verzuz battle. I really believe that,” said E-40. “Busta Rhymes goes crazy, because, now, it’s turned into a performance type of situation. Busta Rhymes is animated, he got gas, he raps fast, all that. He do all that stuff that Eminem do. And Busta Rhymes got up-tempo slaps that get the party goin‘. Anytime you got up-tempo slaps, you’re gonna win.”

He also did not fail to give props to Slim, tagging the Detroit icon “legendary”.

Here’s E-40 confidently saying what he said:

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