Eager Rapper Cuffed For Trespassing At Diddy’s L.A. Estate, While Trying To Get Puff To Listen To His Demo

A rapper eager to get his music heard by Diddy, gets arrested after scaling the mogul’s fence and unlawfully getting on his property.

Diddy’s Los Angeles estate got an unwelcome visitor lately, according to reports from TMZ. On Sunday, February 13th, it was unveiled that a 23-year-old creative who goes by the name “Isaiah Smalls” appeared  at the rap legend’s home in hopes of getting him to check out his music and also landing a collab with him.

Sources working closely with law enforcement have reported that Smalls showed up at Sean Combs’ home in California and began “pounding on the security gate.” When that proved unyielding, he persevered, eventually hopping over the estate’s fence.

It’s worth noting that the estate’s security blatantly refused to allow Smalls onto the property, so he resorted to taking matters into his own hands. Regardless of the fact that he made it over the gate, guards managed to detain him shortly afterward, and called the cops, who then arrested the young musician for trespassing upon arrival.

Reports have it that Smalls was in fact released from custody less than an hour after being taken in. Good a thing Diddy was not home when all that chaos went down, reports say. A footage from the incident was captured. Watch below:

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