Ebro Confirms That A New Single From Kendrick Lamar Is On The Way

The wait will soon be over, as rap legend, Kendrick Lamar, will be putting out a new single, Ebro confirms.

Just a couple of weeks ago, rumors were circulating that Kendrick Lamar would be dropping new music ahead of his Super Bowl performance with Dr. Dre, Snoop, Eminem, and Mary J. Blige. The anticipated single was supposed to come on either February 4 or the 11th.

Now that the 4th has passed, maybe something will happen tomorrow. However, Ebro has seemingly confirmed that a new single from the stables of Kung Fu Kenny is on the way! On Wednesday’s episode of Rap Life, Ebro, made it known after being told by his producer, Sasha.

“What I’m reading here provided by our producer Sasha… the way this reads, it sounds like it’s confirmed that we will get a single from Kendrick Lamar before his performance,” Ebro announced. He continued reading word-for-word what was on the note, quoting “with the release of his single to be debuted ahead of the performance…”

The note he read from also reiterated Kendrick’s statement from last year, stating that his upcoming album would be his last with record label, TDE.

Kendrick has been relatively silent since the release of his 2017 album, DAMN.

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