Ebuka Songs Drops New Gospel Tune, “I Will Pray”

Contemporary Christian singer and worship leader Ebuka Songs has just released a new record titled “I Will Pray.” Ebuka has been leading Christians in praises and worship and has also been dropping gospel tunes that uplift souls and connect people to God. The new song, consisting of instrumentals and chants, encourages believers in God to be fervent in their intersession and supplications to Him. As a line in the song goes, “I Will Pray. If I don’t pray, the Devil will make a mess of me.”

Ebuka Songs Drops New Gospel Tune, &Quot;I Will Pray&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

While telling us why he prays, the song further teaches the importance of prayer and why Christians should take praying a bit more seriously, as it serves as a form of protection against satanic invasions and plunder. The new single comes after the release of “What I Preach,” issued in 2021. The singer has also published a collection of gospel records called “Midnight Cry.”

Two volumes of the collection have been released, with the second coming out recently. In addition, Ebuka has joined the likes of Victoria Orenze, a fellow gospel artist, to drop a “Spirit Chant” record, which many new-age Christians fancy praying with to help set the mood. The tune was released this year, getting off to a spiritual, godly start.

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