Ed Sheeran Delivers Emotional Tribute To Friend, Jamal Edwards In New F64

In a session for SBTV, Ed Sheeran paid an emotional homage to his Friend, the late Jamal Edwards. In a song made available on Edwards’s music platform SBTV, Ed Sheeran discussed the pain of losing his friend.

The music platform has been instrumental in the launching of the careers of some of the biggest names in the music/entertainment industry; such names like Dave, Jessie J and even Ed himself.

DJ and music businessman Jamal Edwards passed away on February 20 of last year at the age of 31. In 2014, he was awarded the MBE for his contributions to music.

Sheeran opened the new season of SBTV’s F64 with a 64-bar freestyle dedicated to Edwards, who, according to the coroner who opened the inquest, passed away from a heart arrhythmia brought on by using recreational substances.

The opening scene of the music video shows 31-year-old Sheeran standing in a circle of candles with two spotlights shining on him at the center of Stamford Bridge stadium, Home to Chelsea Football Club.

In his lyrics, he hints at the fact that he never knew Jamal did drugs, how heartbroken he and his(Jamal’s) family is, the birth of his two daughters since they last spoke, his love for life and how much he’ll be missed.

Jamal Edwards mother was very emotional upon hearing the tribute song and has since thanked Ed for all “The Love”. Jamal Edwards was a lifelong Chelsea fan.

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