Ed Sheeran Wins Lawsuit Over His Mega Hit, “Shape Of You”

Ed Sheeran has come out victorious in a copyright battle in a court case over his chart-topping 2017 hit “Shape of You,” after a judge ruled today, Wednesday (April 6) that the pop star is not guilty of copying the song from a little-known track.

The judge ruled that Sheeran’s mega-hit, which made the top spot on the Hot 100 its abode for 12 weeks, did not infringe a 2015 song called “Oh Why” released by a certain artist named Sami Chokri, performing as Sami Switch, and music producer, Ross O’Donoghue.

Sheeran lost no time to celebrate his win in a video shared to social media in which he verbally set ablaze what he called “baseless” lawsuits and the havoc they wreak on the music industry.

“While we’re obviously happy with the result, I feel like claims like this are way too common now and have become a culture where a claim is made with the idea that a settlement will be cheaper than taking it to court. Even if there’s no base for the claim,” said Sheeran. “It’s really damaging to the songwriting industry. There are only so many notes and very few chords used in pop music. Coincidence is bound to happen if 60,000 songs are being released every day on Spotify.”

Watch the full statement below:

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