Elandré Drops New Single, “Hand Aan Hand”

South African artist, Elandré, has dropped a new single dubbed, “Hand Aan Hand”.

Elandré is one hardworking musician, relentlessly releasing projects since his debút in 2017. Elandré’s debut album, “Kleindorpdromer”, was released on 1 September 2017. And for a first studio effort, the LP performed well to critical acclaim.

On the heels of his first release, he went on to drop his second album, “Boomhuis”, which was released on April 19, 2019. This was a great sophomore project and a nice follow-up to the first LP released two years prior.

Next came his third album “Backpack”, released on September 25, 2020. Not relenting, Elandré, the successive year, came out with yet another full-length project, “Rugsak”, which has also became a success, adding to the streak of successes attained with his past three studio albums.

The new single, “Hand Aan Hand”, comes as a follow-up to his 2021 full-length release and also his first single for 2022, giving his waiting fans something to feast on since they last heard new material from him.

And when an artist, especially a talented one, takes their time to work on something, be it a full-length material, an EP, or a single, they make sure it’s really worth the wait. Hopefully this holds true for “Hand Aan Hand” which is now available on all music streaming platforms.

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