ElDee Calls For Young Leadership, Questions Presidential Candidacy Of Bola Tinubu

Veteran Nigerian rapper advocates for fresh perspectives in governance

Nigerian rap pioneer, Lanre Dabiri, better known by his stage name ElDee the Don, has recently expressed his concerns over the age and freshness of ideas of Nigeria’s prospective leaders, in particular, President-Elect Bola Tinubu.

In a candid interview with media personality JOI, ElDee openly criticized the trend of people in their 70s vying for the position of the President in Nigeria. He perceives this as a sign of failure, indicative of the older generation’s reluctance to pass the mantle of leadership to the younger, more vibrant generation.

ElDee said, “There is no reason why people who are in their 70s are trying to be President in Nigeria. To me, it is a failure because it means you haven’t groomed anybody this whole time wey fit come in, come bring in new ideas.”

The respected rapper believes that the continued dominance of the political space by the older generation is a blockade to the influx of new ideas and fresh perspectives needed to move the country forward. He advocates for the inclusion of younger candidates in leadership positions, stating, “My mentality is, let new people in.”

In addition to his views on governance, the rapper revealed his father’s contributions to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Nigeria. He credited his father for introducing the internet to the country, and acknowledged his inherited ICT knowledge.

The commentary by ElDee has further spurred ongoing debates about the importance of youth participation in Nigeria’s political scene. As these discussions continue, many await to see how these views might shape the country’s political dynamics in the future.

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