Eldee Credits Father For Introducing Internet & Inspiring Tech Boom In Nigeria

In a recent revelation, Nigerian singer turned realtor, Lanre Dabiri, better known as Eldee, has claimed his father as the pioneer of internet technology in Nigeria.

During a candid interview with media personality, JOI, Eldee noted that his father was the instrumental figure behind the establishment of the nation’s first cybercafés and tech companies. This innovation, he claimed, helped to reshape Nigeria’s technological landscape.

Though Eldee himself is an architecture graduate, he acknowledged the profound impact of his father’s profession on his life. He credits his inherent aptitude for Information Communication Technology (ICT) to his father’s work and influence.

“My dad was the person that brought the internet, the very first person that brought the internet to Nigeria. He set up pretty much everyone; all the companies that initially, all the first cybercafés that you know. All of those connections came through my popcy,” Eldee stated during the interview.

Drawing a connection between his family’s IT legacy and his personal life, Eldee shared, “He was an IT guy. So, naturally, by association, I dey very align to IT even though I studied architecture.”

Presently residing in the United States with his family, Eldee’s journey from music to real estate, coupled with his father’s influential contribution to Nigeria’s tech industry, portrays a family legacy that has left a lasting mark on both Nigerian popular culture and technological advancement.

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