Eminem rips into Pete Davidson; tells him To Stop Making Parody Videos

Pop legend Eminem has ripped into comedian Pete Davidson, asking him to stop making parody videos of his song; the same night, the comedian announced the end of his stint on the small screen.

The rapper on Saturday Night Live made the heart shredding comments on a show hosted by the 28-year old Pete Davidson.

Eminem Rips Into Pete Davidson; Tells Him To Stop Making Parody Videos, Yours Truly, News, May 26, 2024
New York, Ny &Ndash; May 02: Pete Davidson Attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating &Ldquo;In America: An Anthology Of Fashion&Rdquo; At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art On May 2, 2022, In New York City. (Photo By Raymond Hall/Gc Images)

In a surprise turn of events at night meant to be a memorable send forth for the brilliant comedian, Eminem dropped by to give the comedian a piece of his mind on what he thinks of the parodies of his songs. Pete Davidson had just completed his round of self-adulation when the rapper quizzed, “Pete, what are you doing, man?” to which Pete randomly responded, “It’s another parody, it’s like another tribute or something? Yeah, it’s like the third one.” Still, the rapper was having none of it.

Making his hatred of the act known, Eminem offered Pete advice, “I would just stop. They all suck. Please just stop, it’s really bad.”. Confused at the comments from the rapper with whom he had shared the stage in the past, Pete explained, “Honestly, we do these because we love you so much, Marshall. They’re like a tribute.” Infuriated further by the explanation, Eminem demanded that the comedian stop making parodies o his songs. “Pete, don’t f*cking do it again”, the 49-year old rapper said.

Check the exchange out in the clip below:

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