Eminem Shares Release Date For New Lead Single “Houdini”

The rapper has been promoting his much-awaited new album, “The Death of Slim Shady,” which was announced in conjunction with the NFL draft and included a mock actual crime show centred around the album’s titular character. To further heighten the mystery, an obituary for Slim Shady was published in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit. Moreover, the rapper has teamed up with well-known magician David Blaine. In a social media promo, Eminem and Blaine Facetiming revealed the release date of his upcoming single.

The promo video showcases a captivating interaction between Eminem and Blaine. Eminem acknowledges Blaine as the greatest magician of all time before they discuss a potential collaboration. When Eminem inquires about the extent of their magical capabilities, Blaine demonstrates his prowess by drinking a glass of wine and astonishingly eating the glass itself. Despite this impressive display, Eminem appears unfazed, with even more ambitious plans in mind.

He tells Blaine,

“Well for my last trick,” “I’m going to make my career disappear.”

Before explaining, Eminem hangs up, leaving the magician confused. Abruptly, the scene changes to a release date announcement for the song “Houdini,” which is set for Friday, May 31. The title of The Death of Slim Shady and its advertising materials alluded to Eminem bidding farewell to his alter ego. In his remarks to Blaine, he raises the possibility that the CD represents his retirement. Before citing a five-year break from music in the 2000s and expressing doubt about his rap career in a 2010 interview with Vibe, Eminem indicated that he was open to the possibility of retiring. The anticipation for “Houdini” grows as fans speculate on whether this release truly marks the end of Eminem’s iconic persona.

Eminem told the outlet,

“I don’t know how much longer I have in this game,” “I’m always going to love hip-hop. But how much longer am I going to still do it? I couldn’t give you an answer. But the day that this is not better than the last will probably be the day I stop.”

It seems like both Eminem and Slim Shady may be reaching their final stage. If this is true, then “Houdini” will be the beginning of the end. Will this really be the final chapter in Slim Shady’s story? Then, what a story it would be. The rapper said he will always write and record his raps, but he will stop releasing them at some point.

“I know it always makes me feel better to lay things to tape, and — ‘lay the tape.’ See, I’m old school,”

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