Epic Games Launches Its First Partnership With Coachella With ‘Music-Reactive’ Fortnite Outfits

Epic Games is introducing the Fortnite experience to Coachella.

After having teased the launch of the interactive “Coachellaverse,” the Indio, California fest on Thursday, April 14, announced that its first-ever gaming partnership will introduce attendees to ‘Chella via music-reactive outfits that will give players access to dress up their avatars in Coachella-inspired apparels that react to whatever music playing in the game.

“As Coachella continues to scale online, we recognize the importance of creating fun digital experiences to drive engagement and build community,” said the festival’s innovation lead Sam Schoonover in a statement. “There are few companies that do this better than Fortnite. We’re excited to partner with such an epic entertainment brand to reimagine Coachella for the next generation of fans.”

Additionally, there will be an in-game Icon Radio takeover, where players are granted access to listen to over 30 acts from this year’s lineup in their cars as well as new in-game items and outfits that’ll be coming out each weekend of the fest.

The first wave of items is set to drop on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET, featuring Wilder & Lyric cosmetics that will have a reaction when a player hears music in the battle royale. The second wave is slated for a April 21st arrival at 8 p.m. ET with Alto & Poets outfits. All the outfits are music-reactive and come with matching accessories according to the release.

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