Erica Mena Celebrates The Finalization Of Her Divorce From Safaree Samuels

Erica Mena is turning up for having successfully ended her marriage to Safaree Samuels. Y…ay?

Erica and Safaree have been a struggling couple, but instead of taking a hint or several hints from the many times they go off and on that they clearly we’re not compatible, they kept trying until it eventually managed to push their patched up ship into marriage.

And as the norm has always been, the pair started having their issues again. It got so bad that in May 2021, there was a divorce filing. Observant fans even noticed that in Erica’s second pregnancy photoshoot around the same time, she wasn’t wearing a wedding band, though the child is indeed Safaree’s.

That was the pregnancy that came just a year after the birth of their first child, Safire. But now that Erica Mena is officially divorced, which seems like what she’s always wanted, she rang in the new phase with a lit night out.

The reality TV star packaged her high spirits and took it to the club, where she danced and twerked the night away, right on the heels of announcing her divorce from Safaree Samuels being finalized. Mena also noted that she was celebrating her newfound freedom.

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